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Make a Statement This Summer with Personalised Silver Cufflinks

Blog post   •   Aug 14, 2012 10:41 BST

Three ways to rock every summer party in 2012

The Olympics, the London 2012 festival...there are plenty of reasons why summer 2012 is set to be a party zone. So what’s the secret to creating a buzz at every occasion you attend?

1. Try something new

When it comes to making an appearance at special events, it’s all too tempting to wheel out your favourite or most familiar outfit. But why not mark the importance of that big gathering by trying something new, like the addition of some special accessories likegold plated cufflinks or a sterling silver tie bar? Different doesn’t have to mean expensive.

2. Personalise the right way

Summer is traditionally the season for open air work gatherings, whether it’s a formal ball or a more laid back barbecue. It’s the ideal setting for getting your presence known amongst the right people. So why miss the opportunity to showcase your own personal style with accessories that are designed around your own brand, like personalised engraved cufflinks? You never know who might notice you.

3. Be collected

Most of us don’t have a personal stylist on hand to prepare for every eventuality. But that shouldn’t matter with the strategic application of some clever details. Be cool and collected at every summer party by preparing your ensemble with details like a gorgeous gold tie pin or custom made belt buckles. Then just relax and enjoy standing out from the crowd at the party!

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Guest Post: Darren Walker is the sales manager of Esquire Originals, a design studio specialising in finely crafting hand-made, bespoke cufflinks for organisations and individuals. You can read more of Darren's articles on how cufflinks can promote organisational pride and commemorates special occasions by reading Kraft Cufflinks blog here. You can also find him on Google+ and Twitter.