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Make Sure You’re on the Right Digital Marketing Course

Blog post   •   Aug 03, 2012 10:12 BST

Why are so many marketing gurus clueless?

It may seem like a sweeping generalisation to call all marketing gurus clueless, but it often seems that way. As the old saying goes: ‘If you can, do. If you can’t, teach.’ Surely standing up in front of a class of eager to learn professionals and imparting some insightful words of wisdom can’t be that hard? It would seem that it is though if the number of courses you or your marketing team have been on, which seem to have delivered no new knowledge or practical skills at all, is anything to go by.

Much of this ineptness can be explained away by people with little or no knowledge of a subject thinking they can read a few articles about it then deliver a course on it. Sometimes they do this because they think that the training skills they have in one area can automatically be applied in another with just a bit of research. Or maybe they really are an expert in the field but have absolutely no idea how to impart their knowledge in a meaningful way. Other times they will have been told to deliver the course by an unscrupulous boss who just wants the fees and isn’t too bothered whether the delegates learn anything about online marketing strategy or not.

Then there are the trainers from the huge training companies that come armed with a manual on how to deliver a course. If they just follow the formula then nothing can go wrong, can it? Yes it can, and almost certainly it will. The people in the room that are looking to learn will undoubtedly have more knowledge than the trainer in cases like this, so the course is headed for disaster from the outset.

Even when the trainer comes armed with the best of intentions and some knowledge of a subject, a lot of the time what you learn in the classroom doesn’t always cross over to the real world. Why? Often it’s because the resolutions that the trainers provide are narrow and focused on the scenarios they have created, and the real world doesn’t work like that. But it could also be that you’re going on the wrong courses. You need to make sure that the course content really matches up to the business pain you’re feeling.

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Guest Post: Sookie Shuen is the community manager at Tomorrow People, a leading UK inbound marketing consultancy, who provides free advice and updates through a five step inbound marketing methodology. You can read more of Sookie's content on inbound marketing by subscribing to the Zoober Inbound Marketing blog. You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.