Small Charity Week

Making the most of Small Charity Week 2018

Blog post   •   Mar 16, 2018 15:36 GMT

The charity sector has been on a rollercoaster over the past few years with a number of different negative stories impacting the sector as a whole.

On top of this, small charities are continuing to face heavy cuts and competition for funding when demand for services is drastically increasing. 83% of British households stated they used a charity's services in 2016!

Yet, small charities remain resilient and committed to making a difference for the groups you support.

That is why the FSI continues to run Small Charity Week each year. It is an opportunity to celebrate small charities and the work you do as well as raising your profile as a whole.

To really make the most of Small Charity Week, it’s worth thinking in advance about the opportunities available.

1. Raise your profile
Carry out vital work? Act as a lifeline for your beneficiaries? Have a positive impact?

Use Small Charity Week as a loud-hailer to help raise your profile. Whether it’s updating your supporters on the difference you've made so far this year, celebrating a milestone or seeking press coverage locally, regionally or nationally. Consider whether you can piggy back onto Small Charity Week to make the greatest splash.

We have created a handy press pack and a social media pack for you to consider how you might use the week to raise your profile, which includes guidance on writing press releases.

We are looking for guest blogs to feature on the Small Charity Week website so we can help to promote the work you do. Email if you would like more information.

2. Get fundraising
The whole week is a great chance to remind people of the difference you can make with their donations.

Running an event? Register it on our events calendar and we’ll help you promote it or download our free Celebration Day toolkit for some inspiration.

This is also a great time to let your supporters know that you need their help to make an impact – whether you secure a fundraising license for your local community, run a raffle or make an ask via email to new and current supporters. The key thing is pre-preparation and to start planning any activities now.

Our Fundraising Day programme will be launched soon so look out for our emails on how we can help you to fundraise further.

3. Make the most of the programme
The Small Charity Week programme is jam packed with events and opportunities from the Impact Awards with great prizes to Big Advice Day. Share them with your team and Trustees and sign yourselves up to all that might be relevant.

The whole programme hasn’t been launched yet so keep an eye out for our emails and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to be kept up to date with breaking news.

Don’t forget, you can download the Small Charity Week logo and banner from the website to use these with your emails and events and activities.