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More CD and DVD Duplication and Replication Companies are on the Brink of Collapse.

Blog post   •   Jul 17, 2013 11:49 BST

The demise of Stanley Productions earlier this month is the tip of the iceberg. We have seen a steady stream of small Duplication companies go into liquidation since the start of the financial crisis but occasionally we experience the failure of a larger media production and copying company like Stanley who had a turnover of over £5M. Size is not always a guarantee of being able to survive as we have seen in many sectors and industries.

This situation is proving difficult for customers of CD, DVD and Blu-ray who are being asked to pay for goods in advance. Dischromatics encountered this scenario recently when being contacted by an organisation who is now a valued client that had placed an order for Authoring/Mastering and production of a DVD box set of 8 DVDs with another supplier. When they received the final product, the mastering had been produced incorrectly leaving the whole product useless.

Unfortunately, when they reported the problem to the other supplier and tried to get the product re-mastered and replaced, they discovered that after several unfavourable telephone conversations they went into voluntary liquidation. They are now pursuing the matter through litigation which will take up much valuable time and will undoubtedly cost more money without any certainty of success.

The problem here is that when someone is looking for product, possibly for the first time, how do they source a reputable supplier? Naturally, the best way is by other peoples experience and therefore recommendation but that’s not always possible. So, the usual way in these circumstances is to use a search engine which generally turns out to be Google.  A key word like DVD Replication is searched for and returns results with many pages, normally, the client will then select several to acquire competitive quotations.

This is when the problem could begin, as most companies want to be paid upfront on at least the first order. Now you would think a search engine like Google would return the best and most reputable suppliers in their search results at the top but in fact the opposite is quite often the case. As an exercise this morning, I did my own search for CD Duplication on Google; I then checked the first six companies’ financial status. Five of these were in a precarious financial position, incredibly one had already been dissolved and yet they appeared near the top of the rankings.

In conclusion, it is essential that any company looking for new suppliers using search engines should also look into the financial standing of those companies before ever making contact. Clearly one should also not trust the Google results, I believe this has come about because Google have largely lost their way, they obsess about eliminating spam sites and are continually applying new algorithms to achieve this but the more they try the more they fail and we see more and more spam sites coming to the fore to the detriment of more well-established and quality lead companies who are more capable of enduring though the current financial crisis.

Dischromatics was established in 1989, holds ISO 9001 Quality and 14001 Environmental accreditations as well as the Investors in People Standard. They are a Sony DADC UK partner for CD, DVD and Blu-ray Replication, so working closely with Europe’s largest manufacturer. Production on-site of CD, DVD and Blu-ray Duplication and Printing for smaller runs with quick response times along with Digital printing for the packaging makes this company unique in the UK, they specialise in supplying groups and bands with their music CD’s and are finding an increased demand for Vinyl Effect CD’s, especially when fitted into Dischromatics own design Digipacks.