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Blog post   •   Jan 06, 2016 12:44 GMT

Simple ways to improve customer communications

Neopost’s wide range of equipment and software can help businesses win new customers and sell more to existing customers through:

  • Professional presentation and brand image
  • Reliable and accurate communications that boost customer satisfaction
  • Personalised communications that ensure the right message reaches the right person through the right media

With growth and a wider customer base, communications increase volume and often become more complex too. Best practice communications and document management solutions can help grow your bottom line by:

  • Cutting cost, space and waste
  • Speeding up distribution and response times
  • Automating processes so you can do more, quicker and with less resource

Our step by step approach means there is no need for major up-front investment of time and money, so you can start delivering improvement while working to a long term vision.

Hassle free business communication for SMEs

NeoPreference is the on-line application for multi-channel communications delivery and archiving

  • Save time, by automating your document processing.
  • Choose between physical or digital mail.
  • Archive and retrieve all your business-critical communications (invoices, cost estimates, contracts, purchase orders and more…) in just a few clicks.

Improve data accuracy

Data Improver is the easy to use data cleansing tool

  • Improve the accuracy of your data.
  • Stay on top of your data costs.
  • Improve the impact of your communications.
  • Facilitate the recovery of unpaid and late invoices.
  • Improve the ROI of your marketing campaigns.
  • Data quality made easy.

Save time filling envelopes

  • Reduce labour costs and speed up processing by automating manual mail handling tasks.
  • Investing in a folder inserter helps cope with peaks and troughs in mail volume, reducing the need to spend money on temporary staff.
  • Combine with OMS-200 to process transactional and marketing campaigns in house.

Reduce the cost of postage

  • Minimise postage costs by taking advantage of Royal Mail discounts.
  • Franking machine customers that send between 500 and 25,000 letters per mailing can reduce cost even further with Royal Mail Business Mail discounts.
  • Lots of SMEs are still using normal franking – switch to Mailmark® and you could save up to 8%

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