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Not all Boot Camps are equal

Blog post   •   May 02, 2012 16:28 BST

Over a number of years boot camps style workouts have become a popular way to get fit and offer an alternative to the athletics clubs. The term boot camp derives from the basic training given to military personnel, which involves strict discipline and advanced physical exercise. The military use boot camps to rapidly increase the fitness of a recruit while weeding out those who are not physically capable or who sustain injury.

Military style boot camps are for some a great way to get fit and come in a variety of styles from an hour session in the park to a full residential week. Many of these boot camps also employ some of the techniques used by the military including carrying logs, assault courses and ex-military instructors to shout encouragement all in the name of having fun.

While Military style boot camps generally benefit those who have a good fitness level prior to joining, non-military style boot camps offer a great alternative and are aimed at those looking to increase their fitness levels and weight loss. They are far less intimidating than the military style equivalents and are geared to the vast majority of people looking to improve fitness and loss weight while meeting new people and having fun. They too come in a variety of styles from an hour bootcamp workout in the park to residential fitness and weight loss holidays.

If you are one of those people who wished they had joined the Army when they were 16 then a military style boot camp is probably for you. For the vast majority of people a non-military style boot camp is the perfect way to get fit in a safe yet challenging way.