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Official Nokia Lumia 800 cases touch down at Mobile Fun

Blog post   •   Nov 30, 2011 11:27 GMT

When buying an impressive handset like the Nokia Lumia 800, you need to protect it from the start so that it remains looking newer for longer.  Mobile Fun recognise this need for protection so have sourced a range of offical Nokia cases for the Lumia 800.

The Official Nokia CP-001N Alpha Flip Case is one of the new cases available for the Lumia 800.  What's great about this case is that it protects both the back and screen of your Lumia 800 when you're not using it.

Your handset securely clips into the case, with the flip cover protecting your screen. Having this Nokia Lumia 800 screen protector ensures that your phone doesn't get damaged whilst it's in your pocket or bag.  This keeps your handset looking in top condition at all times. 

Made from a leather effect material, the Alpha Flip Case is soft to touch and looks professional.  It has the ability to withstand day to day bumps, drops and scrapes, whilst also cushioning your handset from shocks.

Being an offical Nokia product, this case offers a perfect fit for your Lumia 800 and ensures that it is fully functional whilst in the case, by all the ports, buttons and features being easy to reach to use.  This means you can use your handset and keep it charged up without removing it from the case.

The Official Nokia Alpha Flip Case is available from Mobile Fun now costing £14.95, as part fo their Nokia Lumia 800 accessories range.