PART 2 – 6 reasons why people contribute to crowdfunding projects

Blog post   •   Feb 13, 2013 13:20 GMT

The crowdfunding phenomenon has been around for a long time. One example is when the Statue of Liberty was built and countless small contributors came together to accomplish this amazing task. The difference today is that we utilise the worldwide web, above all via social media and globalisation, in order to reach ever more people. There are several different reasons why people contribute with money to a project, idea or enterprise.

1.  To make an investment

Certain people who contribute to crowdfunding projects wish to have something in return. This may be actual money they can earn on the project or enterprise. It may also relate to obtaining a product, service, discount or something else of value.

2.  A feeling of making a difference

Another category is those who want to make the world a better place and to feel they are making a difference. This may be in terms of charity, emergency aid, promoting a political or religious interest etc.

3.  Being part of something significant

Certain people wish to feel they are participating in something greater than themselves and that they have been involved in and shaped something they believe to be important. There is a high degree of involvement and pride in contributing to a number of different projects, even if only small sums of money are given.  As aid donor you will come closer to the person or project you are supporting, even become a part of it.  If you support an art project, for example, you get closer to the work of art and achieve direct communication with the artist concerned.

4.  Be part of a cool story

Others wish to be where they think the next great hype is being created or where they consider there is some idea it would be fun to be part of. In this way they can feel they are participants and also have something interesting and fun to tell others; that they were present from the start and they were right in thinking that it would be something really wonderful.

5.  To contribute to something which is lacking at present

There are also people who see the need for something that they are keen should exist. This may, for example, be a product that is lacking on the market or a film that they would like to see.

6.  To support their nearest and dearest

Common contributors are family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances who wish to support a project in order to help persons they know in order to enable them to achieve their dreams. In this category of donor are also to be found fans who wish to help their idols.

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