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Poetic Montenegro - Frank Vukovich

Blog post   •   Feb 24, 2011 15:52 GMT

Exploring Coastal Montenegro – September 11th – 18th

The Summit of Mount Lovcen

Eagles soar, dive and sweep.

This is the top of the world.
Far below the land golden and brown shimmers under the noon
day sun.
There are mountains everywhere that the eye can see.
Inhospitable and foreboding to strangers, welcoming and
comforting to its own they shelter and protect his people.
In the distance the blue of the sea and far below cradled in the
mountains‘ arms is the bay where he once studied, ran, played
and sailed.
It was and is, his land, almost all of it.
Here on the mountaintop now and forever the two dark, tall, and
proud ladies stand vigilant at his door.
Inside he sits alone with his eagle under a sky of gold and for
eternity ponders the fate of his people and his beloved land.
I have finally made it to the mountain top and it’s everything
that I thought it would be.
Njegos chose wisely.