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Protection that your can't see.... try the InvisibleSHIELD

Blog post   •   Dec 08, 2011 11:53 GMT

When people buy new handsets today, they choose a handset based on its looks as well as its features; therefore sometimes we want protection to our handset without taking away from its style.  That's where the InvisibleSHIELD brand comes in.

InvisibleSHIELD products provide high quality protection from scratches, dust and dirt which can damage our handsets on a daily basis.  There are two types of InvisibleSHIELD products to choose from, either the Screen Protector or the Full Body Protector.

As expected the Full Body Protector protects the screen, back and sides of your handset, whereas the Screen Protector is a mobile phone screen protector so only protects the screen of your handset. 

The InvisbleSHIELD is the toughest and most durable protective film available.  It has its origins in the US Military, where it was attached to helicopter blades to protect them from wear and tear whilst travelling at hundreds of miles per hour.  Therefore you can be sure that it'll protect your handset from daily wear and tear.

Using a Full Body Protector is like having a clear mobile phone cover.  It's protective yet doesn't take away from the actual look of your handset.  The film is made from a clear, urethane plastic and has self-healing qualities, so that if it does become scratched, the damage will disappear making it look as good as new again.

The InvisibleSHIELD range is available for most handsets, from Mobile Fun now, along with a variety of mobile phone batteries.