Reasons to choose a letter opener

Blog post   •   May 31, 2016 11:30 BST

Speed up mail distribution and processing

Even our smallest letter opener can automatically open 300 hundred envelopes per minute, and our quickest machines can open 36000 per hour. Documents like invoices or sales enquiries can be routed for processing with minimum delay.

Seamlessly integrate opening, distribution and processing

Letter opening is just the beginning of an efficient incoming mail process. Opened mail can be quickly scanned using Neopost electronic document management software. These digitised documents can then be distributed quickly in pre-defined workflows for on-line processing via remote terminals. This software also quickly archives digital documents for easy retrieval and minimum storage space.

Increase productivity – save staff time

Employees are freed up to work on more valuable tasks. Mixed mail is quickly handled without pre-sorting. Some letter openers also present contents for easy extraction.

Improve customer satisfaction

Circulating documents quickly reduces response time for all types of customer communications

Extract documents without damage

Important documents like contracts or orders should not risk damage when the envelope is opened. Letter openers slit only the edge of the envelope on one, two or three sides using precision blades.

Improve cash flow

Delays in opening envelopes mean delays in cashing cheques so cash flow can be improved. Automated letter opening means cheques are identified and separated instantly from other mail and can be banked sooner.

Control received mail

Letter openers with an empty envelope detection facility ensure all the contents are removed from the envelope, so every single cheque, order or claim can be removed and actioned as soon as possible.

Satisfy internal customers

Delivering mail quickly will assist all areas of your organisation to manage processing workloads and help the mailroom to achieve SLA’s.