Reasons to Choose Intelligent Envelope Filling

Blog post   •   May 09, 2016 14:30 BST

Quickly process batches of invoices, newsletters and mailers

With a Neopost folder inserter you can automatically process outgoing mail up to 22 times faster than doing it by hand.

Accuracy guaranteed

Keep your customers happy by making sure that invoices or confidential information go to the right person. Neopost Output Management Software can generate intelligent barcodes to manage envelope filling so the right number and type of documents and materials are correctly inserted to envelopes. Automatic security features include Barcode and Optical Mark Recognition and Double Document Detection.

Avoid costly mistakes

Sending confidential information to the wrong person can result in fines and damage to your reputation. The folder inserter will stop in the event that an error is detected, so intelligent folding inserting is a valuable tool to ensure compliance.

Easily manage personalised content

Neopost software can vary envelope content by recipient to keep your messages relevant. All sorts of inserts can be handled – letters, mailers, brochures and even CD’s.

Save money through automation

Collating documents and putting them in envelopes is time consuming. If you can manually fill 100 envelopes per hour, it’s costing you at least 7p per item. Imagine how much you could save by automatically folding and inserting your business mailings at speeds from 1300 per hour.

Take advantage of the lowest Royal Mail rates

Save at least 30p per item by folding and mailing in the most cost-effective size. You’ll see really big savings if you process large volumes of mail.

Insert marketing leaflets and improve business

You can easily boost your sales by adding promotional marketing leaflets to your regular mail.

Send professional looking business mail

Achieve crisp, precise folds, accurately collated inserts and correctly positioned addresses in window envelopes.

Simple to operate

Our simple user interface, jobs wizards and unique Load ‘N Go facility ensures that even inexperienced operators, with minimal training, can complete mailing runs.

Ensure mail integrity

Neopost Mail Piece Production control system checks outgoing mail against the manifest, allowing discrepancies to be rectified in real time.

Solutions to suit your business needs

You’ll be surprised how much difference a folder inserter could make to your business. As well as automating tedious manual tasks you can effortlessly improve the accuracy and professionalism of your mailings. Whatever your size of business or organisation, and whatever your mail - invoices, statements, promotions, payments or notices - there’s a Neopost folder inserter that will help you manage it more efficiently.

Neopost solutions range from office and mailroom right up to heavy duty high volume production mail. So whether you’re sending 100 items a day or 10,000, Neopost can offer a solution to fit your communication needs. And, if your business needs change and grow we can upgrade your equipment and software quickly and easily to keep you up and running.

**Speed depends on machine and application