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Recharge4040 | Profile: Mobisol’s Thomas Gottschalk

Blog post   •   May 27, 2014 09:14 BST

Thomas Gottschalk is the founder and CEO of Mobisol – a German solar energy product and service provider for developing countries. At 31 he is described by his colleagues as a “visionary entrepreneur”.

Mobisol combines solar energy with an affordable payment plan via mobile phone, comprehensive customer service and innovative remote monitoring technology. The Berlin-based company offers low-income customers in developing nations solar home systems that are a clean alternative to unhealthy, environmentally harmful, and expensive fossil fuels.

His “Plug in the World” campaign has brought energy systems to Tanzania, Kenya and Ghana, and aspires to reach millions of households in low-income communities- stipulations economic and social development in the project countries while simultaneously contributing to global environment protection.

By the end of 2015, he wants to reach 20,000 household in Tanzania, an additional 10,000 systems installed in Kenya and create new pilot projects in other African and Asian countries. By the end of 2025 Mobisol will have the capacity to supply 5 million families globally with electricity.

This is only 2,5% of the global off-grid population, so further growth and reaching into truly remote regions has become the “mission” of  Plug in the world by mid of the century.