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Recharge4040 | Profile: Philip Totaro, Innovating in wind sector IPR

Blog post   •   May 15, 2014 09:46 BST

The Founder and CEO of Totaro& Associates, Philip Totaro was born on May 1st 1980 and is described by his colleagues as a “pioneer in wind technology innovation and market research”. Totaro has six years of experience in wind with over a decade in innovation management at such companies as United Technologies Corporation, General Electric, and most recently Clipper Windpower.

In his current capacity, he has led a team of dedicated professionals who are widely regarded as the thought leaders of IP and technology in wind. They have developed groundbreaking reports such as the Global Wind Patent Landscape Report which catalogues over 36,400 globally filed wind turbine patents. His strategic market analysis has lead to the funding justification of over $500m in R&D investment and the development of multi-million dollar product and service offerings.

Totaro & Associates is the wind industry’s foremost research company in the field of technical competitive benchmarking and IPR. It has helped create the wind industry’s first and only open wind turbine technology and IP licensing market place. With participations from over nine companies, there are over 230 individual inventions and over 800 patents available for sale or in-license right now.

Mr. Totaro lives in Houston, Texas, which is the site of his company headquarters, and he is currently in the process of selecting a site for European offices.