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Recharge4040 | Profile: Quayle Hodek, Green power marketing pioneer

Blog post   •   May 19, 2014 16:24 BST

Quayle Hodek is the founder and CEO of Renewable Choice Energy and is widely recognized as a pioneer in green power marketing for his efforts introducing renewable energy and carbon reduction options to new markets and industries.

Hodek started Renewable Choice in 2001, out of his basement when he was only age 23.  At the time, there were no major companies in the country buying renewable energy and only a few renewable energy facilities existed in the U.S.  Many believed convincing companies to pay more for clean, renewable energy was a pipe dream, but Hodek understood that consumer pressure and evolving corporate responsibility standards had the power to change the entire market. 

In 2006, Hodek helped Whole Foods Market become the first major corporation to go to 100% renewable energy, spurring dozens of other multinational corporations to follow suit. Under Hodek’s leadership, Renewable Choice has developed innovative products and services to meet the growing demand for sustainable alternatives, including the Wind Power Card, the first renewable energy retail product, Green Your Phone, a cell phone offset product developed in conjunction with Best Buy, and Mosaic, a web-based carbon management software platform that helps organizations of all sizes measure and reduce their carbon emissions.

Hodek was instrumental in the creation of the Green-e Certification Program, North America’s highest industry standard for renewable energy purchasing.  Hodek and Renewable Choice are also founding members of the Renewable Energy Marketers Association (REMA), a trade association dedicated to maintaining and growing strong markets for renewable energy in the U.S.

He continually strives to find innovative ways to promote clean technology, sustainability, and social entrepreneurship to create change.  He is an active mentor at the Unreasonable Institute, where he helps other young entrepreneurs build companies that have a positive social impact.