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Recharge4040 | Profile: Swedish wind developer and lobbyist Charlotte Bergqvist

Blog post   •   May 27, 2014 14:58 BST

Charlotte Bergqvist is the Director of WPD Offshore Stockholm, and a full-time working board member.

She has been engaged in the renewable industry for more than 10 years, starting off at the sub supplier SKF where she worked for a few years, heading later on the wpd’s Swedish opearation as the managing director for wpd Scandinavia and wpd Offshore Stockholm.

Today, her focus is on finding the right investors and partners for our Swedish projects and to work in the political arena to push for an offshore market in Sweden.

From previously working as a market analyst for SKF Renewables, Charlotte has been described by colleagues as “one of the most active and successful lobbyists for the offshore wind energy business in Sweden, and a time when this market is getting close to a major breakthrough”.

Bergqvist is also the Chairman of the Board for Power Circle AB- an organization driving the transformation of society to a more sustainable usage of energy and electric power- where she leads the board’s strategic agenda and brings energy market knowledge, creativity and special focus on wind energy development.

37 year old Bergqvist lives in Gothenburg, is married and has two small children.

She has a MA in International Business Administration from the Gothenburg School of Business Economics and Law.