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Regular eye tests for children crucial for spotting colour-blindness

Blog post   •   Aug 05, 2016 13:37 BST

Omar Hassan, Head of Professional Services at Vision Express responds to the BBC 5 Live interview on colour-blindness, this morning:

“Many parents don’t realise that routine eye tests in school are no longer provided routinely, so the onus is on them to have their children’s eyes checked. This is the underlying reason why colour-blindness isn’t being diagnosed at a young age.

Free tests are however available on the NHS for under 16s, plus those aged up to 18 and in full-time education. But despite the crucial health check being free, only one in five children actually have the eye test they’re entitled to, and eye test rates among youngsters have been steadily declining over the past 10 years.

“We commend the efforts of the Colour Blind Awareness Association for bringing this very important condition to light. Across our network of nearly 400 stores in the UK and Ireland, we work hard to promote the importance of regular tests for children and adults and have over 100 different ways to test both sight and health issues. Plus, children attending Vision Express stores for the first time will have their colour vision tested as a matter of routine.

“With many youngsters now off for the summer, we implore parents to get their children booked in for that vital first eye test. This is particularly important for those young people who are due to start school in September.”

The video below show 4-year-old Jasmine Lewis getting her eyes tested at Derby Sadler Gate Vision Express. The footage shows the different techniques used to test children's eyes, with particular emphasis given to investigating signs of squint, lazy eyes, testing colour vision, as well as 3D vision.

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