Reporting from the coal face of care

Blog post   •   Mar 21, 2012 14:16 GMT

Following on from my last post about the public’s poor perceptions of the care sector and the organisations that serve it, we’ve recently completed our first chunk of work for the National Skills Academy for Social Care. Together with Morar, our research partner, we used in-depth interviews and an online survey to canvass the honest opinions of the organisation’s customers, contemporaries and influencers, to find out how those who work in the sector felt about its reputation, the role that leadership should play in it, and their perception of the Skills Academy’s expertise.

The resulting research report – ‘Who Cares?’ – plays back the results of this work, and draws out the learnings that will give the Skills Academy some clear guidance on what they need to do next, and how we can help them refocus the organisation to best achieve these goals. If you’re interested in finding out ‘who cares’ please get in touch with Goosebumps or Debbie Sorkin at the Skills Academy ( to receive a free copy of the pdf.