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Responsive Web Design Manchester Companies Offer Futuristic Solutions

Blog post   •   Aug 28, 2012 12:55 BST

Responsive web design is the new black in the global landscape of website design and development. It’s quite natural that people from other industries to not understand the implication of the term ‘responsive’ in website design. But the more striking fact is that many website designers around the world are still not so familiar with this new trend of website designing. Web design Manchester companies, however, has acted as a pioneer as usual this time too. Some of the prominent designers of the region gestated the idea along with other renowned designers from all across the world and gradually it has become a passing fad in the UK.

What’s in responsive web design?

To cut the long story short, responsive web design is the type of design which changes the website’s layout in order to fit different screens. These days, people access the internet from different types of gadgets. For example, a lot of people prefer browsing the web from their mobile devices while they are on the go. The previous concept of website design was to keep the resolution and the layout of the websites befitting for the large computer screens only. But now the website design Manchester companies are emphasizing on designing the websites in a way so that they can be accessed and viewed from all sorts of devices including desktop computers, laptops, PDAs, Smartphone devices and many more. Ethan Marcotte is considered the pioneer of the responsive web design.

The reason behind emergence

It was observed by the web marketing experts around the world that general visitors tend to click away from websites if they are not accessible or poorly visible from the devices they use. The rise and emergence of smaller devices made the web design Manchester companies think website design in a different manner. They put more emphasis on the customizable layout and other customizable components that of website design and their designs became known as responsive web designs, designs that respond to the change of screen size and resolution.

Business advantages

If you closely study your customer demographics, you could find that all sorts of people, both technically savvy and not-so-savvy are there. How do you target different sections of customers? Prominent website design Manchester agencies always recommend making your website design responsive in nature to reach the maximum audience. So when a customer opens your company website from his mobile device, he is welcomed with an easily navigable layout and can find the items he is looking for easily. On the other hand, when another customer who is more comfortable with surfing the internet from his desktop computer enters your website from his IBM 51500 PC, he does not face any problem finding the navigation buttons or browsing through the pages. If you are toying with an idea of hiring a web design agency Manchester, you should ask for a responsive design for obvious reasons.

Pay monthly solutions

There are web design agencies in Manchester offering pay monthly websites. These responsive web designers offer stunning designs and full CMS along with other facilities to the business owners.