Revolutionising contact centre customer experience with call scripting

Blog post   •   Mar 30, 2012 10:13 BST

We are constantly bombarded with different solutions that are sold to us as the most innovative on the market. But the question still remains – what does really work in a contact centre’s day-to-day reality? What does ‘innovative’ mean in the contact centre world? And most importantly, what do contact centres need in order to drive productivity but at the same time increase customer experience?

Modern contact centres are facing big challenges and it looks like these challenges are here to stay. With multi-channel and social media application integrations, modern customers expect companies to solve their query right there and then. On the other hand, the agents need a system that will make that happen without making them learn several software applications and technical procedures. The answer is quite simple - the agent desktop needs to be multi-channel, provide a massive knowledge base and take the agent to the right place where the query can be answered.

The best way of giving the agent the ability to find the right answer is to guide the agent through different stages where the agent can get a chance to identify the customer’s needs or problem. This is what we here at CallScripter call ‘call scripts’. You can have different scripts depending on what the customer wants i.e. to make a purchase, make a complaint, find out things about their account etc. To incorporate scripts to your business processes management and agent desktop will make everyone’s life easier as the right script will be shown on the agent’s desktop. The agents can now have interesting but very relevant conversations with the customer. On top of this, not only will you get an improved first call resolution rate and reduced call handling times, you will also start benefiting from better agent retention and increased customer satisfaction ratio. Sounds like everyone wins, don’t you think?