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Rhine Valley Ramblings - Don Peachey

Blog post   •   Nov 23, 2010 11:46 GMT

Rhine Castles & Vineyards 17th October – 24th

After leaving the urban sprawl of Frankfurt and passing through Mainz, I was soon struck by the beauty of the Rhine valley, as the train journey from airport to Boppard followed the river.

Boppard itself is a small town with many attractive buildings dating from past centuries. The walks from Boppard involved some ascents, but the pace is fine and you get time to take in the views, and this is also a good time to chat to your fellow travelers and break the ice.

Highlights from this section of the holiday for me include views of Boppard from the hillside, which shows how far we had ascended, given that we started at river level. Personally, as this was my first Ramblers Worldwide Holidays trip, I was thrilled that I had made this climb without too much trouble.

1Visiting the town of Rhens during the course of our walking gave an opportunity to view some of the historic buildings of the town.  Great views of castles Maus and Katz sitting on opposite sides of the river.2

At last the sun shone and gave us a lovely view of the Mosel river.


Another highlight was the food from the hotel which was excellent.  Soon it is time to transfer to Rudeshiem for the second leg of the holiday, and this is done via a Rhine ferry taking just about 4 hours to reach our destination. I found this an excellent way to travel, as it allowed more excellent views of other parts of the Rhine valley.  We passed  through many small towns, castles perched on the hillsides, and many more vineyards, which are awe inspiring in their steepness- you can only marvel at the surefootedness of the workers who tend them, they must be the human equivalent of mountain goats!

Then of course the Loreley rock.


Rudeshiem is a larger, more tourist-orientated town, though still boasting some fine early buildings and good views of the mist in the hills and on the Rhine, once ascending from Lorch.