Royal Mail reaffirms its trust in us

Blog post   •   Jan 19, 2016 14:57 GMT

At the very end of 2015, we were pleased to announce that Royal Mail had signed a new contract with us. The new agreement means we will continue to provide managed services, software and systems relating to Dispatch Manager Online (DMO) and Worldwide Dispatch Manager Online (WDMO) for Royal Mail and Parcelforce respectively for the next three years.

The contract replaces two previous agreements we had in place with Royal Mail which saw us provide a similar service. Under the new terms, we’ll upgrade the support we currently provide for the two systems, as well as ensure they are ready to perform during times of projected parcel volume increases. Furthermore, we’ll work closely with both companies to increase the functionality and performance of the DMO and WDMO in order to match the evolving needs of shippers and their customers. Not only will this increase the flexibility and efficiency of their offerings, but it provides us with the perfect opportunity to demonstrate our knowledge and expertise of the market.

This is fantastic news and is the result of a long and detailed negotiation process. Royal Mail has reaffirmed its trust in us, which is a real testament to the quality of our services and products and, of course, the hard work and dedication of the entire Neopost team. Well done everyone!

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