Samsung Galaxy S II review–discover new Android Smartphone

Blog post   •   Feb 21, 2011 10:06 GMT

Samsung Galaxy S II review reports that Samsung Electronics has launched a new addition to range of 3G enabled smartphones namely Samsung Galaxy S II. Samsung Galaxy S 2 review added that this handset is a communication hub as well as personal gateway for users to communicate with their friends, family located at any point of globe.

Samsung Galaxy S II review indicated that this mobile phone will focus more on open OS mobiles since it is evident that key characteristic of smartphones are making them to become more and more popularly especially in mobile internet, messaging features, third party application and eventually high flexibility in customization.

Mobile reviews mentioned that inevitably today market is captured with mobile phones that are based on Android, windows and big platforms. This mobile is integrated with a 4 inch super AMOLED screen to deliver much brighter and clear vie to user with reduced reflection, 1 GHz application processor that enable user to carryout vibrant HD videos, rich augmented reality content via layer reality browser.

Samsung Galaxy S 2 review also supported the fact that social hub will provide effective social network connectivity thus permitting users to enjoy high communication with their friends, colleagues as well as families wherever they are. Sasmung 19100 Galaxy II review added that social hub will allow user to efficiently manage their communication requirements by availing intuitive and easy access to emails, IMs and social networking sites (SNS).

Mobile phone reviews implied that benefits of social hub are enhanced with Wave's TouchWiz 3.0 UI thus delivering incomparable user experience. This super fast response is invariably enabled by proven technology; this handset will provide superb image quality for viewing videos as well as photos.

Mobile phone reviews even conveyed that this multimedia rich handset will amaze those who love their home page to be turned into an intuitive event while those individuals who love to take and share photos and customize page to their favourite images as well as make utilize of dual camera that are effectively nestled on front and back of mobile phone.

Mobile phone reviews said that this handset is simple aggregating apps into single screen for most instant access. Thus adopting most advanced integrations as its base OS has certainly availed Samsung Galaxy S II deals quite enticing since this handset is sported with innovative OS of Android 2.3. Thus, this vibrant launch formed a new wave in globe.