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Samsung Galaxy S3 - At par with all other handsets!

Blog post   •   Jul 08, 2012 16:08 BST

With the extreme superlative features and technology, Samsung Galaxy S series has benchmarked itself. Also, the stunning advancement edged by Samsung has clutched most of the customers in this industry. The over-growing demand of the handsets produced by this brand has increased due to the emergence of S series. You must be surprised to know that the company stands at second place when counted among the best mobile companies. As we all know that the first place is held by Nokia, but, Samsung has successfully made its way out in the market. Between the bulks of mobile companies, it has been among one of the top mobiles.

Is Samsung paying enough to its customers?

Samsung is gaining immense popularity and customers at a wide rate. With the tremendous response by its customers, Samsung has proved itself as the most reliable and trustworthy. Being at par with many of its competitors, the company has earned name and fame. There are several other smart phones which are making a bit difference and giving them the competition. But, with the innovative and latest advancements approved by Samsung make them on the top. The effect of the competition is such that now Samsung is known as the smart phone leaders.

Mobile market and Samsung:

The brand has amazingly carved a niche among the mobile market after the launch of its S series. Whether you are heading towards any professional meet or performing some personal task, Samsung S series could be one of the best handset. There are many such cases in our daily routine life where we require the help of these gadgets and gizmos. We don’t need to go anywhere when the whole world is on our palm. It clearly means that if we need any information about any peculiar thing, we can get it on our Samsung Galaxy S mobiles with the help of internet.

Is this more than iPhones?

If we talk about iPhones, nothing could be compared with Apple iPhone. But, with the enhanced features and specifications, Samsung Galaxy S3 with its exotic look has given a tough competition to the iPhones. With a very short span of time, S3 is well-known as ‘iPhone killer’. Even though the phone has a real big screen, but it never gives an awkward look. Due to its thin bezel and weight, it flaunts an appreciable design. Talking about its colours, they are slightly different from the regular black, pink and whites. The colours offered by S3 are Pebble Blue and Marble White. Samsung Galaxy S3 is the latest and fully equipped handset above all in the mobile industry.

What is so interesting about Samsung Galaxy S3?

One of the most interesting features that are unique from all others is it has multitasking features. Now you might be thinking how? All other handsets could perform two or three tasks at the same time. But, at one go you can watch a video and reply for a message without even pausing the video played in the handset. Isn’t this something amazing? At the very same time when you receive a text, a widow will pop up and if you want to reply the same, you can – at the same time when the video is playing. Also, some features include – smart alert, direct calls, smart stay, tap to top, buddy photo share, and a lot more to come.

Finally the conclusion:

There are several brilliant features that are being available in the Samsung Galaxy S3 handset. All the features required for a layman are available in the Samsung Phones, but now – there is a slight change in the features with the evolvement of S series. Several exciting features are also added to overcome each and every requirement of the customers. With an amazing response provided by its customers, it has carved a niche in the mobile market. So, here is a smart stuff you would ever experience!

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