Samsung Google Nexus S - Google Android 2.3 OS or Gingerbread

Blog post   •   Feb 25, 2011 12:01 GMT

Samsung Google Nexus S reveals that this handset is integrated with hardware that is truly gorgeous and Google's Android 2.3 offers effective enhancements. It is bounded with a 5MP camera and is powerfully powered by a 1GHz processor. This device possesses a NFC chip beautifully built into it as indicated by mobile reviews. This NFC chip can work like a credit card in mobile phone.

Samsung Google Nexus S suggests that the design of this device si quite aesthetic with glossy and all black look. Measuring 124 x 64 x 11 mm makes this phone look quite compact. It only weighs 128 grams thus making it much lighter as compared to its other siblings as indicated by mobile reviews.

This mobile phone sports a 4 inch super AMOLED display which makes it appear quite attractive. The display is curved to offer a contour display to user so it can comfortably nestle in palm and fit perfectly next to face. This curve is phenomenally subtle to offer best handling for the user as reported by Samsung mobiles.

Some of the improved notable features as availed by Samsung Google Nexus S are its improved software keyboard, NFC support; support for dual cameras in camera UI and an overall marvelous boost in its performance. However, there are also few subtle tweaks via interface that make Android look more ethnic. More blacks sported in menu will make icon pops and animations make UI not only more playful but also optimally approachable as implied by Samsung mobiles.

Samsung Google Nexus S has noted that Google apps and multimedia feature in Nexus S is incredible. This phone is purely acting like PC. It is free of any bloat ware. There is a bundle of Google apps from latitude, YouTube to Gmail, Places, Google Maps with Navigation, Search encompassed with voice, Car Home, Google Talk and eventually Google voice.

Samsung Google Nexus S also adds that music player is an enchanting feature included. It is easy to be used and downloading of videos on this efficient phone goes very smoothly and watching them on great AMOLED display offers an exceptional experience. This display is pretty bright even in outdoors this is a unique quality in Samsung mobile phones as indicated by Samsung mobiles.