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Save money on trade effluent

Blog post   •   Nov 24, 2011 10:09 GMT

Trade effluent charges are calculated in line with the Ofwat-approved Mogden formula, which is used by all sewerage companies. Basically, your costs are determined by the amount and strength of effluent before it is discharged into the sewers. Some ways you can reduce the costs of your effluent are listed below.

  • Treat effluents prior to discharge to the sewer to reduce the strength of the discharge. This will reduce the treatment required by the water company and so in turn reduce charges.
  • Treating a higher strength effluent can help to recover a raw material for re-use which would otherwise have been disposed of.
  • Mix higher strength discharge with lower strength discharge.
  • Investigate whether or not an effluent stream from one process can be reused as an input to another process - this is likely to reduce the total amount of effluent produced.

The above processes are complex and would require the input of a water expert. Water experts can help with sampling, lab testing and visual site inspections for both input, process and discharge for instance. If you have any queries on trade effluent e-mail