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Securing banking solutions

Blog post   •   Apr 19, 2016 13:58 BST

How can neXus help securing banking solutions for authentication, verification and signatures for the next generation of banking services?

neXus secures banking solutions

Meeting and attracting new customers in a disruptive banking market thru new mobile channels is a big challenge!

Today’s customers make a research of every decision before ordering new banking services like taking a loan, applying for a credit card or simply giving an extended assignment to the existing bank.

Previously you kept “your” bank for a lifetime – today new actors offer "easy to use services” in a new way.

Learn more from neXus of how we are helping other forward thinking financial institutions to build maximum security and legally binding solutions for authentication, verification and signatures in the next generation of their services.

/Daniel Hjort
Director Business Development & Software Sales

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If you want to know more of how we can secure banking solutions, please send us an email.