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Securing your identities for cloud applications like Microsoft Office 365

Blog post   •   Jan 11, 2016 13:10 GMT

 Using cloud applications is very common today. Each user tend to use several different cloud services and applications every day in working life. To work efficiently and secure you should define you own cloud strategy for your organization.

There are lots of things to consider regarding security when you define your cloud strategy. How secure is the cloud application? How secure is your data in the cloud application? Who has the right to the data? Can you move to another cloud application and transfer your data? And lots of more…

When using Microsoft Office 365 you need to consider how you secure your identities. StrongAuthentication/2FA, is a obvious selection. You want to avoid managing and storing passwords or password hashes in the cloud. Your identities should be able to be used in other cloud applications than Office 365. You don’t want to maintain several identities for each user and cloud service. Besides your users want it to be easy to logon and they don’t want to remember different credentials for each application. In the best case your users want it to be secure as well, but certainly you want your organizations data to be protected. Use strongauthentication for your cloud applications. Your cloud strategy should contain a solution for Cloud SSO. Then your users can use one single identity for any cloud application.

/ Stefan Sundh, Solution Architect