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See CRM Systems at Work in a Free Demo

Blog post   •   Jul 24, 2012 11:19 BST See business change in just 45 minutes

At, we understand that CRM systems aren’t every business manager’s favourite topic. Many companies are still getting by with software that lets them down.

Fortunately, there is another way. And we’ve created an online demo to show you how it works. Like everything we do, the 45 minute demo of our CRM software keeps things simple. But it also shows you how you can see real business growth, with:

  • One platform - not lots of systems: Working across multiple systems is a common business headache. Our demo shows you how combines multiple business systems and applications into one single platform, giving you more control.
  • More revenue: Traditional CRM software delivers only limited results. But in our online demo you can see how helps companies grow revenue and improve business processes for less.
  • Happier customers: Happy customers equal more profit. Try our online demo to find out how helps you to create stronger and more profitable links with your customer-base.

See how easy we make it!

Want to find out how it works? We’ll show you how your CRM could give you more control and more revenue in just 45 minutes. Book your free online demo now!

Guest Post:  John Cheney is the CEO of, which develops Cloud CRM systems specially designed for small to medium-sized businesses. You can read more of his content on CRM technology by subscribing to the CRM Software blog. You can also find him on Google+and Twitter.