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Blog post   •   Oct 22, 2012 08:52 BST

  • SIME Google Hangout

    Posted by kyana in Google Hangout Inspiration | Oct 22, 2012 

    SIME is a thought leader when it comes to exploring digital opportunities and last week we hosted our first ever Google Hangout. Google Hangouts are the perfect platform for us to communicate with our network before, after and even during SIME conferences. Google Hangouts gives SIME a forum to share the latest trends and happenings with our community around the world.

    Ola Ahlvarsson, Co-founder SIME led the panel discussion with Rikard Steiber- Global Marketing Director Mobile & Social-Google, Colin Cragg- CEO of World of Horsecraft and Starstable and finally Therese Engstrom- Director at SIME Non-Profit.

    During the discussion, Ola and the Panelists reflect on the new digital opportunities in business, mobile, gaming and the nonprofit sector as well- giving us a taste of what’s to come in SIME’s upcoming conference-SIME Stockholm- November 13-14.

    Google Hangouts make it possible to stream from our SIME Google+ page, the SIME Youtube Channel and from our website simultanously, allowing us to share our message with our network on the platform they prefer.
    SIME had the rare opportunity to go and record our Hangout LIVE from the Google Sweden Studio. I would like to Thank everyone at Google for their help and support to make this possible. I would also like to Thank our Guests- Rikard Steiber, Colin Cragg and Therese Engström for their participation as well.

    This was the first of many Google Hangouts and I encourage you readers to share your ideas about future topics we can cover, speakers you would like to see or general overall improvements that will make the viewing experience better.

    So stay tuned for more SIME Magic.

    We hope you enjoyed our Hangout!