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Simply show how it’s done: pictures speak louder than words

Blog post   •   Aug 20, 2015 13:58 BST

Web-to-print: Inspire your customers

Simply show how it’s done: pictures speak louder than words

Love at first sight isn’t limited to the real world. It only takes a few seconds for users who visit your shop to decide whether they will stay, or not.

In real life, this could be a long adoring look or the flutter of eyelashes. In your web-to-print shop, it’s the home page. Make sure it has a tidy appearance and that the slider – if used – is perfectly designed. It provides an ideal opportunity to showcase your print products in finished and printed use. This is inspiring. It encourages users to create their own designs, meaning they engage with your shop. The customer stays!


Showcase finished products!

The world of patterns on products – feel free to use application images

We already introduced Pattern Design – Color Alliance partner for high-quality pattern designs – in March of this year. Click here for the article…

That an ever-increasing number of Color Alliance shops are making use of Pattern Design and the diverse range of products on offer are already being enhanced with patterns is good to see.

Inspirationen schaffen!

Create inspiration!

Exemplary inspirations needed for your customers?

Pattern Design and Color Alliance are frequently asked about the best possible way to encourage customers to try out patterns. An ideal opportunity is the presentation of model projects, for example. New shops, in particular, rarely have good images available.

Ideengeber sein!

Be a source of ideas!

There’s a solution in this case, too!

Pattern Design has recently published a separate ‘Press & Pattern Material’ section on Pattern Design provides images for accessories, interior, stationery, and textiles in this section to illustrate sample products for marketing purposes. Looking for great images? The Press & Pattern Material section from Pattern Design

Make the most of this great opportunity and inspire your customers!
Images could be placed on your own blog, on FB pages, but first and foremost on your shop’s home page.


Showcase what you can print!

Pattern Design posts customer projects it finds appealing and inspirations on its Facebook page frequently. Click here for the Pattern Design’s Facebook page…