Step 2: Establish within the organisation - Seven steps to successfully implement more effective self service IT support

Blog post   •   Sep 28, 2010 15:17 BST

Here is a blog about 7 identified steps for how to successfully implement self service IT support. Looking forward to here your comments and please give us feedback and let us know about your own experience or feel free to put a question in the blog.

After the goal and strategy have been chosen for the self service system, it can be useful to clarify the goal and benefits of the system for both the management and those working in the manned support system. It is not sufficient simply to purchase a self service system and implement it; it should also be firmly established within the whole organisation. It will otherwise be at risk of simply existing without actually being used and will not, therefore, offer any benefit to the business.

 Secure ambassadors in the organisation

In order to establish the new support method in the organisation more easily, it can be useful to secure important key figures that are active and enthusiastic about change and development and that can act as ambassadors. This can entail finding interested and well-informed people – co-called superusers – who can disseminate enthusiasm about the new method and service. It is of primary importance to find true enthusiasts among the management.

Provide timely feedback about financial returns

In order to feel more secure about the investment in a self service system, and to firmly establish this with the management, it can be appropriate to provide timely feedback about...

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