Step 3: Integrate the self service system with other support routines – Seven steps to successfully implement more effective self service IT support

Blog post   •   Sep 28, 2010 16:21 BST

Perhaps the most important factor affecting long-term success is the integration of the self service support system with existing support processes and routines. If the self service system can be successfully pieced into the overall support service puzzle so that both support agents and users can see the value and benefit of the self service system, then this is conducive to achieving tangible financial returns from the service. Both integrations – technical and process-related – can be considered equally important, as the absence of one would most likely result in an unsuccessful implementation of the service. For example, the Service Desk and other channels can spend much time and effort unsuccessfully reminding the user to use the self service system if the system is not technically integrated and easily accessible by the user. By contrast, the service could boast excellent accessibility and high visibility on the intranet and other locations, but if the user has not been informed about the service or its benefits, usage will be limited.

Process-oriented integration

To integrate the self service system with the other support channels, existing processes and routines should be reviewed to ascertain how the self service system could contribute to a more effective support system; in this way, the self service system can become an integral part of all...

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