Step 4: Appoint a Content Manager for administration - Seven steps to successfully implement more effective self service IT support

Blog post   •   Feb 09, 2011 12:06 GMT

To ensure long-term results for the investment in the self service system, one or more persons should be appointed to update and maintain the service to fulfil the needs of the business – socalled Content Managers.

Publish the most common questions

In order to proactively fulfil the needs of the business, the Content Manager should begin by publishing solutions to common and recurring queries in the support system. This will usually result in a considerable reduction in the number of incoming telephone queries. Certain self service systems are supplied with ready-prepared support material as well as the ability to create customized support guides for the specific needs of the business.

Update regularly according to requirements

The Content Manager has the important task of updating the system with support guides when important new software is introduced or when...

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