Step 5: Ensure the self service system is easily accessible for users - Seven steps to successfully implement more effective self service IT support

Blog post   •   Feb 17, 2011 15:23 GMT

Availability and accessibility are important aspects to take into consideration when planning the implementation of a self service system. One strategy employed  successfully by many is to make the service as visible, and with as many access points, as possible, i.e. it is not only important to find the optimal position, but also to continually review which existing locations can be used to make it easier for the user to find the service. It is usually effective to have a clear and accessible position that users can learn to use over time to access the service.

Solutions close to problems

An effective way to help users find the self service system is by making the service accessible wherever the need for support arises, i.e. directly from the various applications that the self service system supports. If the self service system handles the most common queries about a certain business system, then one should investigate the technical possibilities for creating a direct link from the business system to the self service system. In such cases it is usually appropriate to contact the system owners...

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