Step 6: Advertise the self service system for users - Seven steps to successfully implement more effective self service support

Blog post   •   Feb 25, 2011 14:55 GMT

A self service system cannot breathe in a vacuum. It can take some time to become established with users following a radical change of support management. Some users will adopt the self service system from the first day, while others will require encouragement to get started. There are also probably some users who will never use the self service system. When new IT services are introduced, or when existing systems are upgraded, the need for support is emphasised for the user; as a result, this is a good moment to show the benefits of the self service system to the user.

Make internal advertising of the self service system an integral part of the information strategy

In order to help users make the most of the self service system before contacting the Service Desk, the service must be continually advertised. For this reason, internal advertising of the self service system must be made an integral part of the information strategy of the IT and Support departments. Users can be repeatedly informed of the service via newsletters, newspapers, the intranet and information meetings, for example. Support workers can add a direct link to the self service system at the foot of e-mail messages. Administrators and enthusiastic users – so-called superusers – can be encouraged to disseminate information about the service. They can also be trained to use the system’s functions and encouraged to become ambassadors for users.

Make use of well-established info channels

To advertise the self service system, wellestablished channels should be used. One example of a seemingly good idea that turned out to be unsuccessful was the advertisement of the self service system on the first page of the intranet – although presented clearly, this did not result in users adopting the system to any considerable degree. If general problems hamper the intranet, this will, of course, result in negative consequences for any service advertised there. In the example given above, it would be even more important to find alternative advertising channels and locations.

Use correct terminology

It can be a challenge to describe the self service system. Perhaps the greatest challenge is that users have different opinions about what the self service system is, and they perhaps even use different terminology to describe the same thing. For example, if someone reads on the intranet, “Here you will find our self service IT support system available 24/7”, then it is...

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