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Swedish Christmas App

Blog post   •   Nov 25, 2011 17:12 GMT

Ever wanted to know what Swedish Christmas is really like? Now you’ve got the chance!

Mia Karlsson from Skåne in Sweden has invented advent calendar app “the Swedish Christmas” for those eager to experience festive traditions of the Swedes. Starting on December 1 and running up until Christmas Eve, there is a video for each day showing everything from the baking of saffron buns to traditional dancing games.

“The app is for Swedish expats who wants to stay close to their roots as well as for those who would like to know more about Sweden and the country’s traditions,” Mia told LINK magazine earlier this month.

The favorite window is tipped to be on December 13, showing Lucia celebrations in Lund´s Cathedral in the south of Sweden. The ones with recipes in are also predicted to prove popular among the Brits since the increase of interest in Swedish food.

The app is now available to download in English or in Swedish.