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​Tackle your technology for optimum Six Nations coverage

Blog post   •   Feb 15, 2016 13:13 GMT

With a fun packed few weeks ahead for Rugby fans, keeping up-to-date with the Six Nations coverage can prove challenging as you juggle busy schedules with key fixtures. You might be surprised to see how technology can work with your lifestyle to ensure you’re kept in on the action, regardless of your circumstances.

Six Nations viewing – as it should be!

Big sporting events deserve a big TV for watching the action, so what better way to enjoy the Rugby World Cup than splashing out on a new TV? Panasonic’s CR852 TV features a curved screen, providing a wider viewing angle and delivering a more immersive viewing angle for everyone watching, regardless of their angle. Perfect for inviting your friends over and watching your favourite rugby games in the comfort of your own home.

Fitting the fixtures into your busy schedule

With your busy schedule it’s inevitable that there will be times when you want to watch a match when you’re not at home, or even in the country. If your TV has a remote viewing function – such as Panasonic’s TV Anywhere – you will be able to watch unencrypted broadcasts of your favourite rugby games with your local broadcaster’s commentary, even if you’re abroad. In addition this will let you begin watching the game at home, start recording before you leave the house, and allow you to continue to watch from where you left off when you reach your hotel - hopefully just in time to see your country score the winning goal!

Keeping in on the action even when you don’t have access to a TV

There may be times when you’re working from home in your make-shift office, or perhaps you’re commuting – whatever the circumstances that result in you being somewhere where there is no TV, fear not as you can still stay up to speed with the latest results by listening to the radio sports programming on the BBC iPlayer. Available via desktop, mobile, tablet and app you can have access to the live stream, commentaries and schedules at your leisure. With a set of high-end headphones you can zone out the rest of the world and catch up on the highlights of the day’s action

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