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Blog post   •   Jul 24, 2012 09:56 BST

Three of the oddest things to happen at a petrol station

Odd things can happen at petrol stations. Here are just three of them:

1. ‘Lock out’ at Tesco

It seems unfortunate to fill your car up with fuel... only to realise that you are unable to get into it afterwards. But this is exactly what happened to dozens of drivers at a York Tesco petrol station in 2011. It wasn’t alien intervention, but mysterious ‘electrical interference’ that stopped drivers of cars with keyless entry systems in their tracks.

2. Petrol station takes Marmite off the menu

The repeat burgling of a popular savoury spread led to one petrol station ceasing to stock supplies. Hungry drivers hoping to purchase Marmite were prevented by the persistent pinching (18 jars in one month) of supplies at a Northamptonshire petrol station shop by an individual who has yet to be caught.

3. Petrol station price sign gets the LOL treatment

Think petrol prices are too high? Some pranksters showed their outlook on rising prices by ‘reconfiguring’ a petrol price sign in Dorset. The unleaded petrol price was changed to 25.9 pence per litre, with the letters LOL written below it...

Want to take the confusion out of fuelling your business?

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Personal preferences can be set around:

  • Fuel card type
  • Radius of sites shown
  • 24hour sites only
  • HGV accessible sites only

Search results are shown on a map, users can zoom in/out and click on individual sites to view site details. Directions are also available.

iPhone Screenshots

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Guest Post: James Knight is the fuel management consultant of The Fuelcard Company, the largest commercial reseller of company fuel cards in the UK. You can read more on his expertise in fuel control and solutions on vehicle maintenance by reading Fuel Cards Blog here. You can also find him on Google+ and Twitter.