Technical Debt Retrospection Is Necessary To Maintain Velocity

Blog post   •   Aug 09, 2017 07:24 BST

The apparently invisible lacunas and drawbacks in a code system can come to the fore when you retrospect a code system in a technical debt perspective. This will enable you to bring together all the teams, technical as well as non-technical, who have adequate knowledge to locate the skeletal defects and help in the proper formulation of an articulate plan to fix the defects in a code. Remediating tech debt will enable you to have the derived value for real and therefore you must always spend some time and put some effort in it. This will improve the productivity, performance and quality of the system on the whole.

Limited Development Resources
The benefits of it will be enjoyed not only by the team but also by the customers and also help in understanding the implications and reality of tech debt and the effects it may have if it is not paid off at the earliest. As you have limited development resources available to you will find several competing priorities as well. The problems that are related with tech debt are not visible and whatever you can identify and locate is just the tip of an iceberg. Therefore, there must be specific purpose and process so that every knows about the hidden dangers of technical debt.

Ignorance Is Not Bliss Always
It is hard to make the management and the stakeholders believe about such invisible dangers that are not willing to spend any time or money for refactoring projects suggesting that it is not productive enough as far as the revenue is concerned or is not directly linked with any competitive concerns. Such attitude and ignorance regarding tech debt results in software entropy and in measuring the amount of bandwidth that is not available for work. All this will lead to further degeneration and depletion in the technical environment, the infrastructure of the company, all those people who are involved and the software in particular.

Velocity And Productivity
The most significant that tech debt has is on the velocity and the productivity of a code system. It is always required to maintain a good velocity from the point of view of research and development. It is paramount to maintain a proper balance between the two. There are times when codes are not fully modified and released in the market due to constant pressure to meet the timeframe and this result in addition and accumulation of tech debt along with the interest accrued. To know more about such interest accumulation and its effect you can visit here.

Deal With Tech Debt Immediately
Therefore, if you want to reduce the rate of interest accumulation you will have to deal with technical debt as soon as it occurs. As a professional developer and a matured development team this should be the primary obligation to survive in the market and not to lose customers as well. Formulating tech debt stories, treating technical backlogs, using proper test and analytical metrics along with identifying tech debts as impediments are prime objectives of retrospection.