Tesco: Remove the antifreeze chemical Propylene Glycol from Tesco Value Vodka

Blog post   •   Sep 28, 2014 18:28 BST

I NEED YOUR HELP! Tesco Value Vodka contains Propylene Glycol - a heavily processed additive derived from petrochemicals, linked to kidney damage, deformities, asthma, eczema, urticaria, immunotoxicity and neurotoxicity. Please add your vote to the petition I started on, asking Tesco to remove this chemical from their product:

Propylene Glycol is commonly used as antifreeze, and it has no place in food or drink. Read the background story here:

This is not just about vodka, alcoholic drinks, or one particular retailer. Although alcohol is specific in that the manufacturers do not have to declare many of the substances that go into refining their beverages, like blood, bone marrow and fish bladder - hidden ingredients and chemicals are present in our food, drink and skincare products, and that bothers me. I need your support to make that stop. Please sign the petition and share it with your friends, via social media and your blogs. Let me know how you get on. Thank you!