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The Basics You Should Go Through When Starting Your Own Garden

Blog post   •   Oct 07, 2016 13:21 BST

Starting a garden from scratch is not an easy task. It often requires more time and effort than you have expected. The difficulties are even more if you don’t know what you are dealing with or if you don’t have a clear plan. You’re not required to have a strict plan, but at least you should know your expectations for the end of the first season. The following guidelines are only some basic steps and activities that you should go through, and they will help complete your own agenda.

  • Make an agenda for gardening. As your first time starting garden, you will need to do only basic planning. However, this seemingly easy journey can easily turn into a quite overwhelming experience, especially if you have a big outdoor garden or if you are planning to create a garden in your big backyard. You have to decide what you are looking for: more aesthetical advantages or more effective use of your garden. Where should be the main spots and themed areas for planting specific type of flowers, edibles, fruit trees, etc.? Take into account all the possible layouts and types of arrangements, and if you need more advice for your specific garden, call a professional landscape gardener Clapham to assess your garden and propose the best course of action according to your expectations. Include all other important activities that you are planning to accomplish throughout the season into your gardening program.
  • Pick the right dates to start sowing, harvesting, a frequency for watering in the midsummer, the dates for transplanting the starting plants and, basically, all other important dates. Also, make sure to know the date of the last frost in the beginning of the season, as well as the first frost at the end of the season - these are essential for growing healthy plants and getting the expected harvest. Schedule a date for a professional gardening service, which is strongly recommended for budding gardeners.
  • Sowing starting plants is another basic step, but keep in mind that not all plants are sowed as starting plants indoors. Check out the online tables and charts that suggest the approximate periods for sowing starting plants according to the climate conditions in your region. Other plants can be sowed directly outdoors, but at a later time, so you can take advantage of a second harvesting period too.
  • You should have the right-size pots for decorative plants, as they play another major role in the decoration of every garden, patio, terrace, wooden deck or porch. The designs of the pots, as well as their specs, are very important for reliable gardening indoors. Then, you should have the right gardening tools, which are required for proper garden care. From rakes to shovels and hand pruners - you will need not all, but at least a dozen of the main and most important tools for your first season of gardening. A handy tip is to include a fertilizer for the soil as a complimentary material.
  • The garden maintenance activities are the next basic step, which is indispensable in order to turn your expectations into reality. There are plenty of activities which continue all summer long and tips from catalogues are often not enough. You should be prepared for unexpected events and weather conditions, as well as activities that range from raking and leaf clearance, to lawn restoration and repair. The summer is definitely the most difficult season for gardeners and the right maintenance is the key to making this season enjoyable.