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The Charm of Central Italy - Gerry Carson

Blog post   •   Oct 10, 2012 18:26 BST

Mountains of Tuscany July 2012

I had a great time on this trip. Lots of wonderful scenery with interesting villages to wander through on our way to and from nice mountain lakes, and many impressive viewpoints. The walks were all well graded and we enjoyed walking through the shade of nice forested areas before reaching summits that jutted out above the high tree-line.

And as if this weren’t enough we were also close by to Lucca and Florence, so during our free time were able to enjoy the sights, culture and atmosphere of these lovely cities. And folk travelling on the later return flight to Gatwick got to spend time in Pisa as well.

What else could any keen walker and culture vulture wish for? This must definitely be one of Ramblers Worldwide Holidays’ top trips.

We did have one mishap, though, when one of our party slipped whilst walking down a stony path – but our ever helpful and organised leader, Peter, did a grand job in sorting both the immediate issues and what seemed to be the many ensuing issues – and all while ensuring the group continued to have a good and full holiday. So: well done Peter, who is clearly a credit to Ramblers Worldwide Holidays.

The pictures give a flavour of some of the scenery we came across on the walks, which all ended with splendid evening meals in our hotel.

The hotel also ran a cookery masterclass for those who wanted it on one of the free days – but I have to admit I was too busy enjoying the wonderful walking and sights instead.