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The Creative Industry has the capability to get the UK Economy moving.

Blog post   •   Apr 16, 2013 15:57 BST

One of the best chances the UK has of getting the economy moving is to invest in our creative industries. The potential for growth is phenomenal and already accounts for 10% of UK exports. This government doesn’t seem to understand how big an opportunity this is. The UK leads the field in Creative products and services but that’s despite our politicians’ complacency and unfortunately not because they have been proactive and actually helped this strong growth area.

The Science and Technologies sector has lots of support, financial as well as political but the Creative Sector falls outside this remit and has been left to its own devices. So, if the Creative Industry can be that successful without the support of the Government, what is the potential for growth if the politicians actually woke up to the idea and gave the same backing as the these specialised sectors. So far all they’ve done is talk about it, now is the time for action by investing in this important area of the UK economy.

There are many small companies throughout the UK with pockets concentrated in certain areas like in South Wales for instance. If these can be linked to Universities we could see the whole creative industry explode into life, increasing the possibility of employment, exports and revenue for the state to the benefit of all. Unfortunately after all this time, Ministers are obsessed by big business and large corporates but the main employers in this country are SME’s not large businesses, so if only a percentage of these creative enterprises employed one more person we would see thousands come off our unemployment statistics alone and that would be less of a burden on the state and a positive fiscal contribution.

The future relies heavily on what these clever people in the creative sector can produce with their products and services like video production, web design, apps design, with, collectively digital marketing and social media interaction, which all companies need if they also are to be successful. We need to see tax breaks for this industry along with other tangible forms of support to allow the management of these companies to invest in new equipment and there needs to be a formal collaboration with the Universities where much of the expertise lies and can only be exploited through commercial outlets to the good of all with graduates eventually being employed by the very enterprises they have been working with.

The policies of the current government are clearly not working and more and more of our industry leaders are recognising this. Cutting costs per se will not be enough in itself and it will continue to have a negative impact on attitudes. The Government must start to think of ways to invest and there is no better way than helping the Creative Industry to exploit the opportunities that exist. Yes we do need to look at infrastructure as we have in the past but is in itself a short term fix which could still lose momentum and doesn’t actually create wealth for the country, the other way ticks all the boxes and so is a ‘no brainer’!