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The four types of half hourly meters

Blog post   •   Dec 03, 2013 10:22 GMT

Half hourly meters are a type of electricity meter that measure how much energy is being consumed every half hour and automatically sends a reading to the electricity supplier either through a telecommunications line or a sim card. There are four types of electricity meter in the UK that apply to different businesses depending on their level of energy consumption.


Any business that uses more than 100kw in one half hour period is required by law to install a half-hourly meter. Half-hourly meter readings are then used to determine if a large business qualifies as a participant of the CRC. 


This type of meter is the same as above, however businesses that install one are below to 100kw usage limit and are under no legal obligation to install one. Many businesses that install one will be doing so to improve energy efficiency.


Also known as smart meters and automated meter readers, these are meters that are more likely to be found in very small business premises or domestic buildings.


These are very rare and are typically only used by councils to provide electricity for bus shelters and other forms of street lighting.

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