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The Fuelcard Company Proudly Reveals the UK's First Pre-pay Fuel Card [INFOGRAPHIC]

Blog post   •   Aug 14, 2012 10:24 BST

Need Your Fuel Pay as You Go?

Introducing Diesel Advance, the UK's first pre-pay fuel card

More effective than a U-turning Chancellor, better value than a piping-hot pasty and less likely to be accidentally left behind in a pub on a Sunday afternoon, it's a 'Big Idea' that actually helps businesses keep moving. A pre-pay fuel card that means fixed weekly prices at the diesel pump, the ability to monitor fuel expenses on a day-by-day basis and the banishment of infuriating credit checks because you've already paid up in advance.

Take control

With fuel duty continuing to gut punch businesses at the pump and lenders holding companies to ransom with ever more Draconian credit checks, here at The Fuelcard Company, we've decided that it's time to go the extra mile for the very people who have been charged with dragging us out of recession; i.e., you. With traditional company fuel cards, you may have found that you were unable to pass those mandatory credit checks. Or you may simply want to watch your bottom line like a hawk, dictating from the off exactly what you are prepared to let drivers spend.


Whatever the scenario, here's how Diesel Advance works:


What does The Fuelcard Company need?

To set up the card, you will need to pre-pay a minimum of £50.

What do I get?

You'll receive a Diesel Advance card that offers a weekly fixed price for diesel that is nine times out of ten cheaper than the national pump price.

Where can I use it?

The card can be used on the Keyfuels network; this means 1,700 sites across the country including big names like Morrisons. Need a helping hand sourcing a nearby site in a hurry? No worries because we've got an app for that, a free sat nav download and an online site locator to make your and your drivers' lives easier.

What do I do when credit is running low?

You’ll receive email alerts when you're running out of credit. You can top-up the card online whenever you need to, using a credit or debit card. Alternatively, set up a weekly direct debit with us at a pre-selected rate. It's your call. 

What about peace of mind?

You can monitor your fuel expenditure 24/7 with our free online reporting and account management system. It's designed to be used by anyone – from 'white van man' through to fleet managers – and means paper receipts, floats and fretting over potentially escalating bills can become a thing of the past.

And the catch?

Erm, an annual fee of just £12 per card actually. Hardly what you'd call a catch...

It sounds too good to be true

No, it just does what it says on the tin; well, the fancy, embossed fuel card actually. No fuss, no hassle; the Diesel Advance card has been designed from the bottom up to help keep British businesses moving. That's it.

 To pre-order your personalised pre-pay Diesel Advance card, register or call 0845 456 1400.

For more advice on fuel cost savings, please download our eGuide ‘Take the reins: How to seize control of your company’s fuel spend’

Guest Post: James Knight is the fuel management consultant of The Fuelcard Company, the largest commercial reseller of company fuel cards in the UK.  You can read more on his expertise in fuel control and solutions on vehicle maintenance by reading Fuel Cards Blog here. You can also find him on Google+ and Twitter.