The interface in Office 365

Blog post   •   Nov 08, 2011 09:18 GMT

Home page

When you sign in to Office 365, you are greeted by a link to the team site (i.e., the bulletin board where you collaborate with your colleagues). You also see a link to your public website and to your Outlook, as shown in the illustration below. From here you can also access Lync, which is an instant messaging service in the same class as Skype.


An area called the header is always displayed at the top of the page. The header has links to Outlook, the team site and the Administrator page (the latter if you are an administrator). The header will always be displayed, whatever page you navigate in on, to make navigation as simple as possible and to minimise unnecessary clicking. So you get back to the home page or move to the team site via the header.

Office Web Apps

Once you are in the web interface for the various Office applications (Word, Excel, One Note and PowerPoint), things are very similar to the versions of Office applications that you previously installed on your computer, which you are no doubt accustomed to using. However, one difference from the full version of Office is that the functions are not as comprehensive in the web interface. There are still sufficient functions to cover most users’ basic requirements, plus the advantage of not having to install the applications on your computer. If you would...

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