The job board comes of age

Blog post   •   Mar 21, 2012 14:19 GMT

This week sees the launch of the latest addition to the burgeoning world of online job boards.  We designed the identity for this new brand after they’d chosen the name.  Lee Higgins, a founding partner in JIAM,  was advised by the software company that he used to create the service, that Ronseal names work best for this kind of thing.  Indeed, it’s hard to envisage a more “does what it says on the tin” kind of name than this little beauty.

Our advice was simple: provide a counterbalance to the perfunctory nature of the name through the sophistication of the brand identity.   See what you think, I reckon we pulled it off.  But what works harder still to create the equilibrium such a basic name needs to give it gravitas, is our light-hearted but highly effective little brand line: “The simple name for specialist jobs”.

Launching at the same time as two much bigger and more general financial service job boards, Lee is already finding out from the brilliant feedback he’s had from his clients and contemporaries that it really does pay to specialise.  That’s a relief then!