The New Audi A4 – Is It The Best Car In The 300 Pounds A Month Bracket?

Blog post   •   Feb 11, 2011 09:54 GMT

First entering production in 1994, the A4 was warmly received by critics and customers alike. Since then it has had two major re-developments over the last 16 years, first in 2005 with that generation running through to 2008 and then, secondly, the latest generation of the car which is the Audi A4’s best incarnation so far.

Critics have always been impressed with Top Gear explaining that “Audi has produced a 3 Series rival that…offers truly fantastic ride quality” and is part of the “new generation of Audis…that have learned how to ride”.

Seen as a competitor to the BMW 3 Series, the question then becomes, what is the entry price for the vehicle. Depending on your requirements, its on the road list price ranges from £22,190 to £37,290. However, if you utilise car finance, you can pick up a brand new version of the Audi A4 for just £309 a month on an Audi leasing dela if you are a business (and use it solely for business) or £376 per month for a retail shopper if they take it on a car leasing contract known as personal contract hire.

However, what most people want to know is what they’re getting for their money.

With the Audi A4 Saloon that is available in a range of different engine sizes, from a conservative 1.8 petrol through to a powerhouse 3 litre V6 diesel, the A4 is available with the 8 speed Multitronic gear system and its overall size and interior finish ensures that it can compete with the its main rivals in the executive compact section of the market. It also comes with climate control, an intuitive on board computer, top stereo system, 16 inch alloy wheels, halogen lights and a number of small finishing touches, such as the sills being trimmed with aluminium. With the A4  you will feel that you’re driving  a car that is worth much more than £376 per month.

In summary, the basic Audi A4 provides  a good entry level for this respected range and it offers the mod cons that anyone would most likely need in a car.  It has style, packs a powerful engine offers luxury and a comfortable drive  However, is it the best car in the £300 per month bracket? Well, that would bring it head to head with a number of attractive vehicles as you can lease a BMW 3 Series at an entry level monthly price of £353. Ultimately, the decision on whether or not it is will most likely come down to personal choice but for car shoppers looking to buy a car using car finance, or more specifically car leasing, in  terms of value for money on a monthly price, the Audi A4 rates highly.