The road to business growth

Blog post   •   Dec 09, 2015 11:00 GMT

Organisations are constantly trying to establish themselves in competitive markets, however a continued reliance on manual processes often prevents them from reaching their true potential. Everything from data entry and processing, to customer communication and archiving, can become a huge drain on a company’s limited resources when not tackled with a modern, digital approach.

Of course, we understand that this can seem overwhelming and that selecting the most appropriate solutions for your organisations needs isn’t always straightforward. That’s where we can help. We’ve built a reputation for providing organisations with innovative communication solutions and that’s because we understand the challenges you face. We can help all types and size of organisation whether you’re looking for help managing a multi-channel communications strategy or hoping to improve the accuracy of your customer data our solutions help optimise your mailing process, which ultimately saves you money, improves productivity levels, and reduces customer churn.

At Neopost, we provide a step-by-step approach so you don’t have to commit to a big upfront investment and can implement solutions that are right for you at the time. This not only means you can start delivering instant improvement to your current processes, but you can do it with a long term vision in mind.

Our range of business solutions include:

  • The Data improver – this solution cleanses your vital business information and increases its quality, drastically improving the impact of your communications
  • NeoPreference – the cloud-based SaaS solution that simplifies the management of multi- and omni-channel communications
  • neoTrak Touch – the smart solution that enables you to track delivered packages from entry to their intended recipients
  • Franking machines – the addition of Royal MailMark drastically reduces postage expenditure
  • Folder inserters – you can cut labour costs and speed up processing through automation

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